Becky Is Your Strict New Governess

Becky Is Your Strict New Governess

“As your new governess it’s my job to decide whether u`re ready 4 potty training — or whether I am going 2 be changing your wet and messy diapers. It all depends on your attitude, little man. If u stand there in your playpen and act like a crybaby in the diapers u are wearing, I won’t be taking u 2 the potty. U’ll be wetting n messing right in front of me and telling me in crybaby talk what u did in your diapers. Understood, little man…?” Governess Becky is super-strict with big crybabies in diapers like u. She makes u use crybaby-babble talk to describe your potty business and she gives you absolutely no privacy 2 do your #1 and #2. If being babysat by a strict nanny or governess makes u truly need diapers, u need 2 see Nanny Becky now.

Keywords: Femdom POV, Adult Diapers, Diaper Fetish

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