Becky Tells Cheerleader Tiffani U Are a DIaper Dork

Becky Tells Cheerleader Tiffani U Are a DIaper Dork

“I can’t believe I was actually thinking about dating u. I even came over 2 your house to hang out with u after sch00l and even hook up with u until your little step-sister intercepted me n told me your humiliating secret, dork. DIAPERS. Yeah. Diapers. Your lil step sis told me that u wear diapers. She told me EVERYTHING. That u have a changing pad on your bed. That u have a diaper pail in your room. She told me that she’s even had 2 change your diapers, loser. And now that I know your secret? Instead of dating u, I am going 2 babysit 4 u. Your little step-sister is gonna help me. And if u don’t do everything we tell u? Wetting, crawling, drinking your bottle and even messing? I will tell all the other cheerleaders that there’s a big diaper-wearing crybaby in our sch00l. Got it, diaper dork?…”

Keywords: Femdom POV, Adult Diapers, Diaper Discipline
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