Before the Gym with Autumn

Before the Gym with Autumn

Autumn is sitting on the couch with the slave. His balls have been through a lot of abuse lately n they are very sore. She knows she should go 2 the gym, but just doesn’t feel like it, so she decides 2 warm up by stepping on his dick n balls. While he’s down, she gives him a few direct kicks 2 his sore balls n smiles. “Does that hurt? :)

She leans over him and says, “When I get back from the gym, I`m going to crush one of your balls. [he begs her not to] They are mine and I get 2 do what I want :) Just think about that while I am gone…”

She leaves him on the floor in agony 2 think about how he’ll be half nutted in a few hours by having one of his nuts slowly crushed by her foot…

Keywords: Femdom, Ball Squeezing, Ballbusting, Free

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