Beg 4 Mercy

Beg 4 Mercy

This slave cancelled on its last shoot with us. We explained 2 it that it would need to pay a cancellation fee. But that fee is not paid with money. It is paid with SUFFERING. And 2 make this slaves predicament even worse, it actually had the audacity 2 send an email to us after the last shoot that it DID attend that the girls took it too easy on him! Oh, well. He has me n Princess Carmela 2 deal with now 4 THAT comment. Not good 4 the slave. We`re probably 2 of the MEANEST and most Sadistic Mean Girls at The M3an G1rl Man0r. So we strongly suggest 2 it that it start GROVELING n BEGGING at our feet 4 mercy- like NOW. So we contemplate how badly we are going 2 BEAT him to put him back in his place

Dommes Raven, Princess Carmela

Keywords: Femdom, Footworship, Shoeslicking

990 mb
11 min

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