Beg For Nipple Clamps! (1080 HD)

Beg For Nipple Clamps! (1080HD)

Princess Cindi tells me how weak n pathetic i`m but also how much she enjoys 2 cause me pain 4 your own enjoyment n pleasure. U command me 2 beg to suffer 4 u. You command me to take those clamps (linked with a chain) and put on the tip of each nipple n slide the metal ring 2 the top, to cause maximum pressure. Then u say I know it will only take some minutes before u really struggling in pain loser, but remember loser u struggling 4 me… Now u are going 2 beg 4 more pain loser. When I say that u can grip that chain to the clamps n pull them off your nipples, loser. Only then u can take them off. Then u say I want u 2 feel the pain 4 days, loser. So now while your nipples are in so much pain I want u 2 cause pain 2 your own balls 4 MY amusement!! (Then Princess comes up with a creative way 4 me 2 abuse my own balls at home 4 her entertainment!)

Keywords: Femdom POV, Female Domination, Young Mistress, Princess Cindi, POV, CBT, Nipple Play

923 mb
10 min

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