Beg To Be Tattooed By Us (1080 HD)

Beg To Be Tattooed By Us (1080 HD)

Princess Bella and I are allowing some slaves to email in and beg us to get tattooed by us, haha! Oh and we know you want this! Sure you are scared what we are going to do that humiliated you, but suck it up for this ultimate fantasy. Hey, u could get hit by a buss next week n never fully degraded yourself for the mean girls. So act fast so you can still get this deal. Just think you will be humiliated permanently by the hottest mean girls on the planet! We`re going to make sure you`re hard n erect while we get u 2 keep begging for it! And if you`re at home jerking to this that means you want it! And soon you wont be able to jerk off to anything less extreme than this. You will need this and you better act now while you still can get the ultimate in humiliation!

Princess Beverly

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom POV, Dirty Talk, Princess Beverly, POV, Beverly, Princess Bella, Bella, Goddess Worship, Tattoos & Piercings, Humiliation, Brat Girls

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