Begging to Cum with Alexis Rain

Begging to Cum with Alexis Rain

Alexis Rain is wearing a fishnet body suit and a corset. Lance is naked and rock hard. She knows he’s dying 2 cum. She pushes him down on the sofa, lubes up his cock, and begins to play with it.

Alexis tease his cock with light n hard strokes. She gets him to the edge very fast, then stops n squeezes his balls. “Not yet,” she tells him. She wants him quivering on the edge 4 as long as possible. She also wants him 2 admit that he likes to get fucked in the ass, because that’s what she really wants…

She teases his cock, edging him over and over, but stopping 2 squeeze or slap his balls every time he’s about to release. After he starts to beg her 2 let him cum, and beg her to fck him in the ass with her strap-on, she finally makes him explode his cum all over himself.

Keywords: Handjob, Edging, Big Tits, Big Booty, Fishnets, Sensual Femdom, Ball Slapping, Ball Squeezing

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