Bet U He Cant Cum With Broken Balls

Bet U He Cant Cum With Broken Balls

Courtney n Michelle just took turns destroying Lance Hart’s nuts, and after they left him on the ground holding his crouch, they got curious… Can he still cum….?

Michelle thinks she can still make him cum, and Courtney disagrees, so they make a bet. They return to Lance, strip off his boxers n Michelle starts 2 lube up and milk his sore cock. Courtney does not want to lose the bet, and still loves watching her ex-boyfriend suffer, so she cheats by kicking him in the nuts while Michelle tries to milk him. Michelle tells her it isn’t fair, so she makes her rub her perfect tits in his face 2 make up 4 it.

Eventually, Michelle does make Lance cum, while he looks into the eyes of his ex-girlfriend, who he will never get 2 fuck again, then his ex nails him in the balls one last time n the girls tell him 2 pack up his stuff n leave.

After he leaves they two hotties giggle n Michelle makes fun of Courtney 4 having cum all over her leggings. Courtney tries to rub the cum on Michelle, and Michelle tries to get in it Courtney’s face.

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