Big balls need it extra hard!

Big balls need it extra hard!

1st she is talking about dick sizes n that she don’t like small dicks. She has a example, a slave with a tiny dick right at her side 2 laugh at him n humiliate him. Then she let her anger out on him when she realizes that at least his balls are big enough 2 be punished cruelly. She tramples n stomps on his balls, takes a big brush n beats his big bollocks black n blue with it! One nut is more swollen than the other so she hit the other hard 2 make it even… This is just the beginning of the brutal punishment. She hits them further n harder with the brush & those nuts seem 2 get bigger n bigger when she just laughing at him.

Keywords: Female Domination, Mistress Dawn, Dawn, Femdom, Ball Kicking, CBT, Domination, Humiliation

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8 min

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