Black Leggings Ballbusting n Emasculation

Black Leggings Ballbusting n Emasculation

Dacy just got back from a run and there is a guy (soon to be eunuch) on her couch. She stretches her sexy legs in front of him, then over him, then she puts her sock covered foot right on his balls n tells him that she’s probably not going 2 let him keep his balls…. He begs her not 2 take his balls, but she just giggles n kicks n stomps on his cock n balls, and tells him all about how excited she is 2 stomp his dick out and cut his balls off. Dacy Lynn loves destroying balls…

She gets a phone call while she’s kicking him in the nuts, it’s her friends, and they are all going 2 come over n stomp on his balls until nothing is left.

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Ball Crushing, Free

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7 min

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