Black man humiliated and tortured!

Black man humiliated and t*rtured!

Cruel white girl punishing the black man. She ties up his huge black bollocks n penis, slaps the down hanging ball sack n kick him with her boots brutal in the tied up nuts, then she let him lick her boots that kicked him so merciless. In the second part she seems 2 be even more sadistic, she not only slap his bollocks, she also beats them with a paddle n that with full force. His nuts hurting like hell… Then she canes his black ass n kick him again hard in the balls. She leads him around by the ball leash like a d*g n tells him what a pathetic little d*g he is…

Keywords: Mistress Pip, Female Domination, Femdom, Interracial Femdom, Ballbusting, CBT, Ball Abuse, Boots, Mistress, Pip, Humiliation

625 mb
16 min

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