Blonde Ballerina Tease n Ballbust

Blonde Ballerina Tease n Ballbust

Madonna is a natural at seduction n torment. This poor slave has been passed around a ballet class full of sexy n cruel women who love 2 tease him in their leotards n pantyhose, and abuse his balls along the way. They each will get a turn with him, and when they are done he will be nutted. If any of them choose, they can take his balls themselves, but they will have 2 find a new slave 2 replace him.

Madonna teases this slave, knees, kicks, squeezes, and threatens 2 end his manh00d. She gets a little worked up and decides 2 let him release, but only if he licks it up, and only if he can take three last hard knocks 2 his balls.

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Teasing, Kicking, Squeezing, Knees, Free

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12 min

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