Blue Balled by Hooters Girl

Blue Balled by Hooters Girl

Vanessa the Hooters Girl has one of her customers back at her home. She already got him naked, and when he thinks his fantasy of boning a Hooters girl is about 2 happen, she lets him know the deal:

She’s sick of his bad tips, she’s sick of him staring at her at work, she wants 2 give him the worst blue balls ever. She knows he’ll let her do it, because he’s powerless over his lust 4 her.

She lubes up his dick, telling him the whole time that he’s not going 2 be allowed 2 cum. He begs her 2 change her mind, but she’s definitely not letting this pervert cum.

Vanessa torments him by rubbing her perfect tits in his face, straddling his lap, rubbing her shiny pantyhose all over him, and as Lance is right on the edge of cumming, she grabs his balls, squeezes, and lets him know that she’s going to cut off his balls if her cums.

She laughs as she strokes n teases more, keeping him right on the edge, and everytime he gets close she squeezes his balls harder, laughing while he begs.

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