Borrow My Sissy Boyfriend

Borrow My Sissy Boyfriend

Ginary and her friend Ashlynn Taylor are having coffee when Ginary introduces her boyfriend. He leaves 2 get them coffee and Ashlynn tells Ginary, “He’s really cute!”

“Yeah, but I have to lock his cock up in chastity. He’s a cheater…” Ginary says. Ashlynn giggles and is really interested in this chastity thing. When Lance returns, Ginary makes him show her girlfriend his locked up dick. He’s really embarrassed, but he complies. Ashlynn giggles and immediately starts toying with his locked up cock. Ginary encourages her hot friend 2 tease him more, knowing it’s only going to make Lance’s balls ache and his cock throb against the steel cage.

Things escalate quickly. Ashlynn asks if she can “use him” and Ginary gladly tells her that he’s actually pretty good at eating pussy. Ashlynn rides his face until she cums, while Ginary toys with his chastity cage, grinding against it.

After Ashlynn cums, she asks if she can borrow him 4 the whole weekend. She has some ideas that she’s always wanted 2 try, and having her own temporary slave would be awesome…

Later on, Lance is in Ashlynn’s kitchen doing her dishes. She dressed him up in high heels, fishnets and a skirt. She struts into the kitchen in a high cut see thru one-piece and heels, knowing it will make him horny. She teases him with her body, then makes him a deal.

“If u let me fuck your sissy ass with a strapon, I’ll unlock your cock for a little bit…” It doesn’t take much convincing, even when she shows him how big the strap-on is. At this point, he’d do anything to cum.

Ashlynn starts pounding Lance’s ass against the stripper pole she has in her living room when Ginary drops by. Ginary is shocked, but also very pleased 2 see her boyfriend getting humiliated and used by her hot friend. This gives her a great idea.

“We should whore him out!” The girls agree 2 start selling his sissy ass to the highest bidders. 1-st they need 2 train him to be a real whore. Ashlynn pounds his ass hard, while Ginary sits on his face. They let him touch their tits and ass because they want him 2 stay horny.

After a good ass fucking, he begs to cum. They make him sit on the dildo and turn the vibrator all the way up. From now on, he’s only allowed 2 cum with something large up his ass. Ashlynn sits on his lap, 2 make sure the dildo is all the way inside him and she bounces on him while she strokes his cock. They have him screaming that he’s just a whore that craves cock as he cums. Then they make him eat all his cum with the huge vibrating dildo still inside him.

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