Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – Foot Bitch Edges Himself (720 HD)

Brat Princess 2 - Amadahy - Foot Bitch Edges Himself (720 HD)

Part 1: Amadahy drags an old man into the kitchen by the ear. She knows the old man is addicted to her feet. She can make him do anything for them. Amadahy spits in the losers mouth, then makes the old man strip for her and lie on the floor. She tells him that he will worship every inch of her heels. Amadahy uses the slaves tongue to wipe the soles of her shoes. He is such a doormat. She makes the slave suck on the heels. I want to see your tongue black like the bottoms of my shoes, she says. Amadahy makes the old man crawl on his bad knees. He rolls over and Amadahy presses her heel into his hard dick. Her shoes have very small pointed heels. She steps on his abdomen. The pointed heels indent the slaves flesh. The heel could easily puncture him. Amadahy tells the old man to remove her shoes. Her feet are very sweaty. Amadahy thrusts her feet in the slaves mouth. She instructs him to stroke his dick while he worships her feet. Amadahy spits on his cock. She fucks the slaves face with her foot while he edges himself.

Part 2: Amadahy shoves her pointed toes deep into the slaves throat while standing on his chest. The slave continues to jerk himself while deeply worshiping his Princess feet. Amadahy has gotten the old fetishist far into subspace. She could do just about anything to him and knows he wont resist. She decides to scissor the old mans neck for the 1st time. She wraps her legs around his neck while gracefully holding herself up on the kitchen counter. The slave turns red and almost . She changes her position and scissors him between her thighs again. His face is pushed into her perfect ass. The veins in the slaves bald head bulge out. He remains alert and continues 2 stroke his dick, as instructed. Amadahy tells the slave to suck on her toes. He continues to suck and stroke while at the edge of consciousness.

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