Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – Toilet Slave Whipped for Cause (Part 1-2) (1080 HD)

Brat Princess 2 - Amadahy – Toilet Slave Whipped for Cause (Part 1-2) (1080 HD)

Part 1: In the first part of this clip, Amadahy punishes her toilet slave. The punishment is because the slave could not swallow every drop without gagging. It will be beaten until it accepts the existence Amadahy has chosen for it. She begins the heavy beating with a flogger, followed by a single tail. The slave cries out, so she gags it. The beating is very intense. The slave falls on the ground and cowers. It trembles in fear n pain. Amadahy lashes the slave until it is silent n motionless. The slave sees darkness as the scene fades out.

Part 2: In part two of this clip, Amadahy makes her slave stand once more so she can continue the beating. The slave falls and fades under the extreme lashing. Again, she makes it rise. Amadahy beats the slave until its skin opens. She shows no mercy. The slave cannot escape the whipping it has earned through its disobedience. When Amadahy feels that the slave has broken beneath the whip, she commands it to worship her boots. The slave does as it is told. She has it stand and examines the marks she has made. Amadahy tests the slave by sending it into the bathroom 2 see if it can now swallow without gagging. If it gags this time, the beating will continue even harder. It better prove its obedience n swallow it all.

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zip (include 2 .wmv clips)
1.55 Gb
21 min

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