Brat Princess 2 – Cherry – Pinned Puckerman Forced To Clean Pile of Shoes (720 HD)

Brat Princess 2 - Cherry - Pinned Puckerman Forced To Clean Pile of Shoes (720 HD)

720 HD: Cherry has three pairs of filthy shoes that she needs for Mr. Puckerman 2 clean. Hes going to have to clean them with his mouth. Cherry pins Mr. Puckerman. She puts the 1st shoe against Mr. Puckermans tongue. In seconds, Puckermans tongue is black. Cherry spits in Mr. Puckermans mouth to wash down some of the dirt. Mr. Puckerman is the most pathetic thing Cherry has ever seen. Cherry smacks her gum n gets a big wad of spit ready. Mr. Puckerman struggles with the spit. He is not allowed to swallow until hes told. Cherry is very unimpressed. Mr. Puckerman is being very disrespectful with his dramatic coughing. The first shoe is no longer dirty. Cherry goes on to the next shoe. The second shoe is filthy. It is dirtier than the 1-st. Cherry wipes a lot of black dirt from the bottoms of her shoes onto Mr. Puckermans tongue. She takes a pic of Mr. Puckerman with her dirty shoe in his mouth. Cherry puts both of her extremely stinky flip flops on Puckermans face. She wears these flip flops every day, and they are dirtier than the rest by far. Cherry slaps Puckerman in the face with the flip flops. She takes a fun little video to send to Kendall. Cherry sends it to her with the thought that Kendall might want to come over with some dirty shoes, too. Cherry picks up the last shoe. The last shoe is truly filthy, even dirtier than the flip flops. Cherry gags at the sight of Mr. Puckerman licking the shoe. He is so gross. Also, he buys the wrong kind of bubble gum.

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