Brat Princess 2 – Gwen – Whole Strawberry Cream Cake Food Splosh (1080 HD)

Brat Princess 2 - Gwen - Whole Strawberry Cream Cake Food Splosh (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Gwen helps herself to a big slice of a beautiful strawberry cream cake. Slaveboy lies at her perfect feet. No cake for slaveboy; to eat, anyway. Gwen taunts the slaveboy with forks of cake as she helps herself to bite after big bite. Never a taste for the slaveboy. Instead, Gwen takes the cake and flings a forkful in his face. She uses her foot to rub the cake all over his head. Soon the slave’s face is covered in whipped cream. How humiliating n disappointing! Eventually the slave gets fed, but only from the Goddess’ toes. Each bite has to be taken from her perfect feet. The slave is very hungry. He reaches eagerly as Gwen taunts him with a strawberry, just out of reach. Gwen picks up the strawberries between her toes n places them on the slave’s forehead. She rubs and slaps the entire rest of the cake into the slave’s face. “Oh, did you want some in your mouth?” Gwen teases. Gwen stands and smashes all the whipped cream between her toes. She takes the entire mashed remainder of the cake n dumps it onto the slave’s face. Gwen creates a mound of mashed cake that covers the slave’s airways. The slave is faceless. She removes the cake n places her feet in the slave’s mouth. The slave sucks the cake from Gwen’s toes.

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1040 mb
14 min

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