Brat Princess 2 – Jenna Ivory – Humiliates Bitch Boy (720 HD)

Brat Princess 2 – Jenna Ivory – Humiliates Bitch Boy (720 HD)

720 HD: Princess Christina has sent a slave over to Jenna Ivorys hotel room for her use. Jenna inspects the boy. She spits on his face and in his mouth. Jenna scrutinizes his chastity. She appreciates Christinas excellent job locking him up with a pink lock. Jenna loves the gift of her own personal bitch. The slave kneels. Jenna spits on his face and in his mouth again. She tells the boy to kiss her ass. Jenna shoves his face deep onto her ass until he cant breathe. She spits on him some more. Jenna makes him gargle the spit before he swallows. She tells him to kiss her ass again before moving 2 the bed. Jenna reclines on the bed while the slave kisses her stilettos. She takes her shoes off. Jenna puts her feet in his mouth. She fits all her toes into the bitch. She teases his chastity with her feet. She giggles, You dont deserve pussy. You are just a bitch boy. Jenna reveals to the boy that he will be her toilet paper all weekend. He will lick Jennas asshole. Especially after her boyfriend fucks her. Jenna needs the slave to start now by cleaning all her shoes so that they are weekend party ready.

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