Brat Princess 2 – Jennifer and Sara – Relationship Counselor Rewires Danni (Complete Movie)

Brat Princess 2 – Jennifer and Sara – Relationship Counselor Rewires Danni (Complete Movie)

Part 1: 720 HD: Sara Luvv has dragged her reluctant boyfriend, danni, to the office of a relationship counselor. Counselor, Jennifer, opens the door n greets the couple. Danni is led into the office and instructed to kneel on the floor between the two women. Jennifer listens to some of Saras concerns. Sara lists the problems shes having with her boyfriends behavior. Jennifer instructs danni to stand and remove his clothing. Danni follows the counselors instruction. Jennifer examines the size of Saras boyfriends penis. Jennifer explains to danni that he is ill equipped to please Sara. He may feel his penis is average, but in fact, it isnt. Sara will never see danni as a sex partner. He just isnt up to standard. If danni wants his relationship to work, he better find other ways to please Sara. Jennifer feels that the next level of their relationship would be having danni learn to suck Saras toes. Danni needs to understand that a relationship is about giving. He objects. Danni complains that he has been paying for a lot of Saras expenses, and shes still been seeing her ex-boyfriend. Jennifer thinks its great that Sara has been able to maintain amicable relationships with people from her past. Danni objects. He thinks the relationship Sara has with her ex is inappropriate. Danni is talking too much. Jennifers solution is to teach Sara to place band aids over his mouth. Jennifer explains that a great relationship is all about training. Danni will have to wear band aids on his face from now on. Now that danni has been trained to be quiet, he can actually listen to what his girlfriend has to say.

Part 2: 720 HD: Jennifer guides her clients, Sara and danni, through the second part of their session. A great exercise for the couple to practice is foot worship training. Jennifer recommends that danni worship his girlfriend, Saras, feet nightly. Eventually, danni will be used to the activity enough 2 perform it in public. Jennifer removes the band aids she has placed over dannis mouth. Danni is instructed to remove Saras shoes. Danni complains that this isnt what boyfriends do. Jennifer takes dannis hand n places it on Saras foot. He is instructed to open his mouth. Danni resists a little, but ultimately he does want to please his girlfriend. Jennifer guides him through worshiping his girlfriends feet. She introduces danni to some foot worship technique, to increase Saras pleasure n satisfaction. Sara is so pleased that she and danni are reaching a new level in their relationship. Jennifer shows Sara a few products she may be interested in. She explains that chastity devices make great gifts. Danni admits that he would love it if Sara were to get him a present. Jennifer shows Sara the CB600. Its one of the most popular chastity devices on the market. Sara asks if they make a model small enough for dannis tiny penis. Jennifer confirms that, in fact, they do manufacture a device small enough for even danni. Jennifer demonstrates how the device is applied to the male. Saras eyes light up. The CB600 appears to be the solution to her relationship problems. It will be wonderful to have her boyfriend kept in chastity. Sara explains to her boyfriend that once hes in chastity, she will finally trust him enough to change in front of him. He can even help her prepare for when she goes out with her ex-boyfriend. Danni isnt sure he can stay in chastity for a full month. Sara n Jennifer encourage danni and assure him that they will slowly work up to a full month. They send danni into the bathroom to try on his new chastity product.

Part 3: 720 HD: Danni emerges from his therapists bathroom to reveal his new chastity device. Sara is delighted to see that its pink, her favorite color. Sara takes the key and locks her boyfriend into the device. Jennifer explains that now danni will clean whatever Sara wants cleaned, buy whatever she wants him to buy. He is under his girlfriends complete control. Jennifer wants Sara to tease danni, just so that he can experience what chastity feels like with an erection. Sara tells danni to look at her butt. Dannis eyes get wide. Hes never been this close to his girlfriends butt. Sara pushes dannis face deep into it. Sara rewards her boyfriend, danni, by allowing him to kiss her ass. Danni complains that his chastity is starting to hurt. Jennifer asks danni if the discomfort is something he can get used to. She reminds him that its for his girlfriend. Sara tells danni that she wants him to worship her feet again. Danni obediently does as his girlfriend wishes. Jennifer explains that danni is just in a starter chastity. In a month, they will have to come back n have dannis chastity tightened. Jennifer will be available to talk danni through it as he transitions to tighter and tighter chastity. Sara is relieved that their relationship struggles appear to be over. She finally has her boyfriend on his knees, sucking and massaging her toes. Shes always wanted this for them. Sara inquires if Jennifer performs castrations as well. Jennifer is an experienced Castratrix. Sara plans to bring her step father in for the castration her mother has promised to her. Jennifer has several castrations booked the following week, but she thinks that she can make room in her schedule to do Saras step fathers. Sara asks if she can perform the castration on her step father herself. Jennifer says that she certainly can. She will guide her through the process. Removing male testicles is actually quite simple. Jennifer checks her schedule and books the appointment. Terrified danni works hard to please his girlfriend by sucking on her toes. He doesnt want to share the same fate as Saras step father.

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