Bratty Step Daughter Jerks Daddy While She Shops Online With His Credit Card

Princess Kira Star: Bratty Step Daughter Jerks Daddy While She Shops Online With His Credit Card [Humiliation POV]

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She is my really hot, bratty step daughter. I perv on her all the time. She walks around in hot little outfits, almost on purpose 2 tease me. But she thinks I`m a gross old perv, her pathetic step dad, staring at her all the time. She knows I probably jerkoff to her every chance I get. So she decides to take advantage of me n manipulate me.

One day I come home from work and am sitting on the sofa, paying some bills online on my laptop, when she walks in from school. Her mom is at work n wont be home for hours and she knows this. She pretends to take an interest in me, sitting near me, asking if she can show me a few things on my computer. Im so stupid around her, so taken with her that I of course agree, and she begins to bring up all these sexy shoes, clothes, and lingerie that she wants to buy.

As shes showing me, she moves closer, leaning in, getting so close to me. She starts to rub her hand up my leg, slowly, just brushing my cock as she continues to show me what she wants. Then, before I can stop her, she starts rubbing my bulge n says, Daddy, can I buy this? I can barely respond. She smiles to herself, knowing she has me where she wants me. My credit card information is stored on my computer and she buys herself some shoes, as I just sit there and watch as she caresses my cock through my pants.

Then to my astonishment, she pulls out my cock n starts to jerk me. Im putty in her hands. She shops with my credit card on my laptop while I watch, unable to move or think. She brings me so close to the edge, but doesnt let me cum. She finishes her shopping n lets go of my cock, leaving it throbbing. She laughs and walks away. She never had any intention of letting me cum, it was all just to manipulate me. I know if my wife ever found out I’d be so fucked. I am so fucked either way.

Princess Kira Star

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