Breaking the Pervert 2 Prep 4 Nutting

Breaking the Pervert 2 Prep 4 Nutting

Lance comes 2 chained to a board, naked, in a dungeon with Dre Hazel n Miss Luminous standing in front of him. He starts 2 remember what happened before: they caught him jerking off in the girls locker room. They beat his balls n teased him, threatening 2 make him a girl…

They climb on top of him, and explain that he is not going 2 have his cock n balls anymore. 1st, they need 2 empty his balls. They want it 2 hurt, so they beat his nuts before Dre starts 2 milk his cock.

Sexy Luminous smothers his face with her perfect ass, making him smell her pussy, reminding him of what he will never be able 2 have again. Dre milks his cock until he cums on her black nylons, then takes them off n puts the cum covered nylons on his face. They leave him 2 go get their nutting tools…

Keywords: Femdom, Emasculation Fetish, Pantyhose, Cum On Nylons, Facesitting, Assworship, Pussy Worship, Ballbusting, CBT, Bondage, Handjob

444 mb
12 min

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