Breaking the Pervert

Breaking the Pervert

Dre Hazel n Miss Luminous walk in on a pervert jerking off into their lockers. Luminous is wearing a spandex leotard, patterned thigh highs n heels. Dre is wearing a tight fucking sexy dress, fishnets n heels.

They want 2 teach this perve a lesson. Maybe he would be better off with out balls. They don’t want to just cut them off for a quick. They want the pleasure of rupturing his balls with multiple kicks n knees. They tease him along the way, remind him of what he will never get again.

They kick, knee, and slap his balls, and eventually Dre puts him in a sexy tight scissor hold while Luminous stands over him pounding his nuts with her high heels until he is out. Then they each grab a leg n drag him away 2 finish off his balls in another room….

Lance comes to chained to a board, naked, in a dungeon with Dre Hazel n Miss Luminous standing in front of him. He starts to remember what happened before: they caught him jerking off in the girls locker room. They beat his balls and teased him, threatening to make him a girl…

They climb on top of him, and explain that he is not going to have his cock n balls anymore. First, they need to empty his balls. They want it to hurt, so they beat his nuts before Dre starts to milk his cock.

Sexy Luminous smothers his face with her perfect ass, making him smell her pussy, reminding him of what he will never be able to have again. Dre milks his cock until he cums on her black nylons, then takes them off and puts the cum covered nylons on his face. They leave him 2 go get their tools…

Keywords: Femdom, Teasing, Thigh Highs, Leotard Tight Dress, Scissorhold, Emasculation Fetish, Pantyhose, Cum On Nylons, Facesitting, Ass Worship, Pussy Worship, Ballbusting, CBT, Bondage, Handjob

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