Breaking Up n Taking Your Balls With Me – Olivia – Part 1

Breaking Up n Taking Your Balls With Me - Olivia - Part 1

Olivia Lowe is breaking up with Derek. She tied him up under the ruse that they were going 2 have some fun, and then let him know that she’s done with him once he’s tied up n naked. She’s wearing a black tank top n tight jeans that make her ass look amazing.

Olivia teases him with her body, and starts 2 lube up his cock. She tells him how she never was happy with the sex, he’s a mamma’s boy, and she’s going 2 take his balls with her when she leaves. She wants him 2 miss her as much as possible so she’s teasing him once last time. Before she takes his balls, she wants him 2 cum because she thinks it will be less messy this way, but she’s going 2 drag it out as long as possible with knees n kicks 2 the balls as she strokes him n humiliates him.

He begs her not 2 leave, but she’s not interested.

“I could be really slow n painful with taking your balls, or maybe I’ll do it quick… Maybe I’ll just squeeze them until u can’t take it anymore…”

She doesn’t let him cum in this clip, she leaves him tied up 2 change into another outfit n continue the torment.

2 be continued…

Keywords: Femdom, Emasculation Fetish, Emasculation Talk, Ballbusting, Kicks, Knees, Ball Squeezing, Tight Jeans, Teasing, Handjob, Orgasm Denial

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