Brother of a bitch [Mistress Gaia]

Brother of a bitch [Mistress Gaia]

We went to the psychologist because this guy is suffering from a severe, two-pronged problem: although latent homosexual, does not lead 2 this vocation because it is strongly attracted by her sister, which is basically a slut getter. THE situation has degenerated to the point that the poor man, consumed by guilt even stopped masturbating 4 months – with the danger of an impact on the functionality of the testes n prostate. It must therefore make him overcome the trauma, making him vent n at the same time address it on its way. This is done through a forced masturbation which is being implemented while the therapist tells him in a more explicit n vulgar (with some blasphemy as interlayer) undertakings which have brought her sister to make a career in a chain of supermarkets. Eventually the boy is able to download all the arrears in a transparent glass, from which the therapist leads him 2 swallow. Don’t forget to visit my website Mistress Gaia.

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