Brutal Fag Bashing – Goddess Sahrye [Humiliation POV]

Brutal Fag Bashing - Goddess Sahrye [Humiliation POV]

This is a Really mean harsh verbal abuse clip. It is so degrading that I had to leave out the worst parts from the description. But those are probably the parts youll get off to most.

It must be so hard being a faggot. I mean youre already a fucking waste of space jerkoff loser who does nothing with his life, but to be a cock sucking faggot on top of that?! Wow, u really are pathetic. You spend your life jerking off n thinking about big cocks. U are such a fucked up confused bi closeted little faggot fuck, arent you? U are a cock sucking, cum guzzling, anal whore faggot. And you cant fucking stop. You must be so proud of yourself that this is how you turned out. That this is how you spend your life.

u are either some stupid closet fag who wastes his time jerking off to big cocks and never does anything about it. Or you`re a full blown fucking faggot fucking n sucking huge cocks whenever he can. You`re a good for nothing fucking faggot. Whose only purpose in life is to please big cocks. Ill bet you beg to suck cocks. Ill bet you beg even harder to take it up the ass. Because thats what faggot losers like you crave. You`re one cock hungry little faggot.

Ill bet you must hate yourself for being such a lowly faggot. Ill bet everyone fucking hates you. Ill bet youre so ashamed of what you`ve become. But u cant help it, you cant deny what you`re. No one cares about you, not even the stud whos feeding you his cock. He thinks even less of you than I do. You`re just a cum dumpster. He doesnt care about you, hes just using you like everyone else does. You`re only use is for your holes. To please cock n take cum in them. That is your only fucking purpose. You`re not a man, u`re a faggot.

You have no life, you have no friends, you have no future, because all you do is either jerkoff to big cocks or please them. No one respects or cares about you. You are a fucking cock loving faggot, and the more youre degraded, the more you enjoy it. And thats so fucked up. A faggot like you will never be accepted. You`re a fucking disgrace. All you fucking dream about is being on your knees, servicing one cock after another, having load after load dumped on your face. Do you think anyone cares about someone like that? Fucking faggot. How do you live with yourself? How do you look in the mirror knowing what you`re? You realized you werent a man, that no woman would ever want you, so youre only option was to become a cock addicted faggot.

Goddess Sahrye

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