Brutal Payback Ball Destruction with Chichi Medina

Brutal Payback Ball Destruction with Chichi Medina

Lance is in quite a predicament. He had earlier made a deal with Chichi that if she let him tie her up n play with her, she could do ANYTHING she wants with him after… He had no idea just how sadistic his hot little friend really is.

Now Lance is handing by his wrists from an engine crane in an empty warehouse. Chichi struts up to him in a sexy little sch00l girl outfit with stockings and some vicious high heels. She makes it clear right away that she’s very interested in destroying his balls. Slowly. Painfully. She grabs n squeezes each ball between her fingers a applies hard direct pressure with her nails, making him scream in pain. She just giggles. This is just the beginning.

It’s important 2 Chichi that her friend Lance stays totally erect while she destroys his balls. She teases him with her PERFECT body by stripping down between BRUTAL kicks and grinding against him.

After some serious direct n hard kicks 2 his balls, grabs his balls one last time. “I just wanna rip them off u now… but I think I’ll wait, because I want 2 save them 4 later.” She gets close to him, rubbing her perfect huge tits against him and whispers, “I want this 2 last… long n painful…”

Then she struts away slowly…

Chichi Medina returns 2 Lance. His is still hanging from the engine hook, but now she has him naked. Chichi changed into black pantyhose and white panties, but kept her same killer high heels on. She’s on the phone with her girlfriend, strutting around Lance, inviting her friend 2 come join her. “Oh he’s pretty vulnerable… make sure u bring all your frustrations 2 take out on him…”

Lance looks terrified as Chichi explains that she invited 3 of her girlfriends 2 join her in breaking his balls. They will be there in an hour, which gives her a full hour 2 make him wish he never had balls in the 1st place.

Chichi doesn’t waste any time. She starts with a hard kick to his nuts, and doesn’t stop attacking his nuts, and teasing him to keep the pre-cum oozing 4 another 8 solid minutes.

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