Brutal punishment for the stupid mutt – Miss Sarah [House of Sinn]

Brutal punishment for the stupid mutt - Miss Sarah [House of Sinn]

The stunning Miss Sarah has chosen a new mutt and so starts to train this creature so that it will become Her loyal, obedient and protective companion. However this mutt is particularly stupid and has difficulty understanding simple commands like bark n paw. There is only one solution for this problem. Miss Sarah must use Her crop to beat the stupidity out of it until it learns true n instant obedience. It comes as no surprise that the harder She beats and thrashes the hapless creature the more obedient it becomes. It will suffer long and hard at the hands of it’s glorious but merciless Owner and the brutal and continuous blows from Her crop will eventually break it and turn it into the obedient puppy She desires. This is glimpse of the feared Private Room of The Femdom Decadence Event hosted by The House Of Sinn.

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