Brutal Tease

Brutal Tease

Vanessa Vixen is really excited about teasing the fuck out of Lance today. The clip starts with her getting ready in the bathroom, talking about how she wants to look as sexy as possible while she busts his balls, teases him, and leaves him with the worse blue balls he’s ever had in his life.

Lance arrives and is really excited, cause he actually thinks they are finally going 2 fuck this time. He starts to feel on her legs n she stops him with a high heel in his chest. She tells him she wants some “foreplay,” which turns into him grabbing her tits and her kneeing his balls. He starts 2 get hard when she straddles him with her white legging covered legs, so she takes off her shoes, takes off his clothes, then puts her sexy ass in his face n slaps his balls. Her ass is amazing, so he keeps getting harder, but the more he gets turned on the more she slaps his balls.

Vanessa gets on the other end of the couch so she can tease his dick with her bare feet, and crush his balls a little while she’s there. She pulls his underwear down n takes her bra off so he can finally see her perfect tits, but only while she presses her bare foot against his bare cock.

She takes her daisy dukes off, but leaves her white sheer leggings on and teases his cock with her fingers just barely until she knees him again in the balls. She stands up to make him look at her ass, then straddles his chest n puts her ass back in his face so she can slap his balls some more. “U wanna feel what it’s like to be inside me?….. How good is gonna feel 4 your dick 2 slide inside me?”

His dick is rock hard, and he’s going crazy 4 her. She stands up n straddles him so she can face him, and tells him that he can never really have her, knees him repeatedly in the balls, and mocks him 4 being stupid, and then leaves him in agony.

Keywords: Femdom, Tease And Denial, Leggings, Ballbusting, Foot On Cock, Ball Slapping, Facesitting, Blue Balls

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