Bunny ChiChi Fucks Her Cuck

Bunny ChiChi Fucks Her Cuck

ChiChi Medina loves her cuckold hubby, almost as much as she loves getting gang banged by anyone else with a swinging dick. She’s dressed up like a sexy slutty bunny, and about 2 go 2 a party 2 get laid, there’s just one thing she has 2 do before she leaves… pound her cuckold husband in the ass…

“Don’t worry, my pussy is going 2 have lots of cum in it when I get home 4 u 2 clean… [smile]”

He knows the drill, so 2 speak. He bends over and she fucks him deep n hard. Then she fucks him on his back, just barely stroking his cock. He begs her 2 let him cum, but she only brings him to the edge. She finishes him in a pile driver position so she can aim his cock at his face when he blows his load.

After he cums, she keeps gyrating her thick strapon in his ass n smiles down at him.

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