Busted Jerked n Enslaved

Busted Jerked n Enslaved

Sara is waiting on her boyfriend 2 get ready for a Halloween Party. While she waits 4 him to put his costume on, she goes through his phone n finds a lot of texts between him n other girls… things are about the drastically change in their relationship…

When he comes downstairs she tells him he’s busted n knees him hard in the balls. She grabs him by the nuts through his spandex costume n drags him into another room where she kicks n knees him until he crumples beneath her. She drives her high heel into his crotch n tells him how things are about to change…

She pulls out his cock n balls n kicks him more, then puts him against the wall and starts 2 stroke his cock. “From now on, every time u cum, u`re going to get beat hard in the balls too.”

“We`re still going to the party, but after I drain n damage your balls so u can’t be with anyone else…”

As she milks his cock, she tells him what his life will be like as her slave. His balls are going 2 be her punching bag.

She milks out his cum all over her pantyhose bodysuit, then drops him with another knee 2 the balls, and rubs his face in his own cum. “U`re not allowed to clean that cum off your face.”

Sara wants everyone at the party to see him with cum all over his face n bruised balls…

Keywords: Ballbusting, Cosplay, Pantyhose Bodysuit, Spandex, Femdom Handjob, Slave Talk, Chastity Talk, Cum Eating Encouragement

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