Busting Balls Its What I Do Starring Astro Domina

Busting Balls Its What I Do Starring Astro Domina

When her incompetent makeup slave fails 2 properly apply her lip gloss in preparation 4 a hot date, Astro decides 2 teach him a lesson he will never forget. What better way 2 teach a man his lesson than by taking away that which is most precious to him, in this case his cock n balls. These are after all the prized jewels which define a man, and make him a pathetic, desperate loser, are they not? Wearing a pair of skin tight, sexy booty shorts n spiked heels, Astro ball busts her asshole slave until he is laid out on the floor, choking n gasping 4 his next breath. Kick after excruciating kick, Astro is relentless in disciplining her slave. Astro is one powerful bitch, and she puts all her weight behind her soccer style kicks 4 maximum effect & testicular damage.

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