Caged Extortion

Caged Extortion

Princess Cidndi has some loser locked up in a cage in her garage that she has targeted at a bar and tricked into thinking he will get lucky with her. His hands are cuffed behind his back n legs bound- helpless. He also has very painful clamps on his nipples just 2 t0rture him. She teases him the whole clip, with her black shiny leggings. She tells him that if he tells her his master password 4 his laptop, she will take off the clamps and let him out of the cage. With this password she will have access 2 his Facebook, all his email accounts, and at least 1 bank account with more $50,000!!! Oh, and ALSO a BUNCH of humiliating stuff that she can use 2 further blackmail him with whether he is tied up or not! (She wont even need 2 t0rture him anymore to get whatever she wants out of him!)

After he finally tells her the password she explains to him that she will be blackmailing him from now on. Do u have any idea what I am going 2 do with u now? I’ve got your name n address, your boss’s info, your Facebook friends. I’ve got pictures of all the humiliating things Ive done 2 u- and they will think u actually LIKED having it done 2 u LOL! U cant stop me. U will basically just have 2 give me everything I want. And not some stupid little tribute. I want u 2 make my car payments, pay 4 my shopping, my shoes- everything! I will decide how much money u will have 4 u own every month.

Keywords: Blackmail Fantasy, Female Domination, CFNM, Financial Domination, Young Mistress, Princess Cindi

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