Cali Carter – Cuck Worships Ass after Credit Card Fucked

Cali Carter - Cuck Worships Ass after Credit Card Fucked

Cali went shopping. She bought so many new things 4 herself with her cucks credit card. Her cuck is concerned with the amount Cali has spent. Cali reminds the cuck that spending its money makes her happy. Making her happy should make him happy. Because the cuck has been such a good sport, Cali considers letting him out of chastity. Instead she decides it should worship her ass. Cali reclines n thinks about her new outfits while the cuck licks her ass. Cali pauses 2 examine the cucks chastity. The cuck is breaking Calis rule n allowing itself 2 swell in its cage. Cali loves that the cuck is in pain. Its chastity gets tighter & tighter. Cali makes the cuck lick her ass some more. Cali wants 2 keep the cuck n never give it back 2 Cameron. She loves controlling a pathetic older man with her hot body.

Keywords: Femdom, Young Mistress, Chastity, Financial Domination, Cuckold, Assworship, Cali Carter

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