Cammy 3

Cammy 3

Cammy comes back 2 Lance. He’s still tied to the wall with aching blue balls from all the teasing and no release. Now she’s wearing blue leggings and a tank top, and she torments him with her sexy girl next door look.

After pulling on, squeezing n teasing his cock n balls (with a couple light kicks n knees here n there to keep him on his toes) she lubes up his cock n considers letting him actually cum. But if he does cum, he loses his balls immediately after. If he can hold back from cumming, he’ll at least get 2 keep his balls a little longer.

She goes back and forth between sensual n sadistic with her smooth and slow cock stroking n ball slapping

Cammy takes the sensual handjob to the next level, gyrating her hips in front of him while she strokes his cock in a throttling motion with both hands, “Remember, if u cum I’ll cut your balls off… Can u make it…?”

We he’s right on the edge of cumming she stops n gives him a light snap kick 2 the balls just 2 keep him on the edge, and in blue ball pain. After a lot of this torment Cammy lets him know that she’s decided not 2 let him cum just yet. She wants him to have his balls 4 a little longer. She isn’t quite done with him yet.

“While I am gone, I want u 2 think about all the different ways that I might take my time taking your balls from u”

To Be Continued….

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Tease And Denial, Orgasm Denial, Handjob, Leggings, Brat Girl, Emasculation Threats

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