Catwoman Milks Superman

Catwoman Milks Superman

[this is the handjob part of “Catwoman Fucks and Milks Superman”]

Catwoman has just pounded Superman’s ass with her strap-on. He has been betrayed and humiliated. His powers have drained away with Catwoman’s Kryptonite.

She tells him that she is going 2 make him cum all over the “S” on his suit, because from now on it will stand 4 “Super Slut.”

After Catwoman milks a huge load out of him, she ruins his orgasm by grabbing the head of his sensitive cock n twisting. Then she stands over him with her stiletto heeled boot on his chest, celebrating the fact that he is now her Super Sex Slave.

Keywords: Handjob, Femdom, Humiliation, Ruined Orgasm, Super Heroines, Free

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