Caught Cheating on Pregnant Wife

Caught Cheating on Pregnant Wife

Lance’s pregnant wife comes home to find him on the couch with two prostitutes. When the prostitutes realize that he was about to cheat on his pregnant wife, one of them lets him know that she’s also a dominatrix and she takes great pleasure in hurting men, especially scumbag cheaters. His wife is thrilled with the idea of teaching him a lesson, so Lance is in for a long night of ballbusting. His wife gets the idea that if they destroy his balls, she won’t ever have 2 worry about getting pregnant again. The girls threaten 2 take his balls on the spot, and make him lick his wife’s feet while they slap him in the balls.Then she gets honest with the other girls about how she’s really more into to women anyway, so they make him watch while they have a threesome with each other, only taking breaks 2 abuse his balls. They threaten him with emasculation if he even tries 2 join in, but his has 2 watch everything so he knows what he’s missing.

After a while, his wife wants 2 tease him even more. Now that she’s told him that she doesn’t need his cock anymore, she would like to see him get teased with a handjob, but not get release, just 2 make sure he gets really bad blue balls, so Misha, the Asian girl jerks him off with one hand while she makes out with his wife. Vanessa reminds him that if he cums from this, she will take his cock n balls.

The ladies come back 2 Lance and the two hookers put on sexy costumes. One of them has a huge strap-on. His wife explains 2 him that she’s been having a lot of fun with them, and now he has to watch Vanessa fck Misha, but he can’t join in, or he’ll lose his balls. His wife teases his cock while he has to watch two hot lesbians have strap-on sex. He can tell his wife is more turned on by this than she ever was with him. She just wants 2 toy with him.

His wife gets so turned on by the lesbo strapon action that she starts making out with Misha while she gets fucked, gripping his dick, the whole time he’s getting reminded that if he cums they will take his balls. Misha cums right in front of him, and his wife stands up n puts her foot on his balls… They decide to let him cum, but there will be a price 2 pay…

As all three girls keep reminding him that there will be a consequence 4 cumming, he tries to hold back, but his wife milks his load out all over Vanessa’s shiny pantyhose… He immediately gets slapped in the balls and is told to lick his cum off her leg while he gets smacked in the face with her dildo.

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