CfnmTV – Camera Shy 2 Part 1-4

CfnmTV - Camera Shy 2 Part 1-4

PART 1: Ben’s head is still spinning from the intense erotic experience via webcam with the mysterious Anna. Although he’s never met her, her image fills his every waking moment. He lays on his bed wishing more than anything that he will one day meet her in real life. Unfortunately, all the time spent obsessing over Anna has meant that his coursework has suffered…

PART 2: Anna has set Ben a challenge. Something that on the face of it seems simple to achieve. But as soon as inexperienced young Ben gets into the shop n finds himself surrounded by women, he starts to get hot under the collar.

PART 3: With his clothes in the possession of the giggling female customers all Ben can do is run around after them hoping to catch them. But the women are clever and toss his trousers, shirt and underwear between them so it’s impossible to get them back!

PART 4: It’s been an eventful few days for young Ben n it all started with some innocent online messages from Anna. Now he’s stark naked in a shop and surrounded by older women who tease him relentlessly. With all the pent up sexual tension Ben is desperate for release. If he’s very good, the women might just allow him an extra special treat.

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rar (include 4 .wmv clips)
698 mb
35 min

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