Ch1ch1 Medina Breaks His Balls

Ch1ch1 Medina Breaks His Balls

[this is “Sexy Ch1ch1 Crushes Balls” and “Sexy Ch1ch1 Kicks Balls” in one continuous clip 4 a discount]

Ch1ch1 Med1na has a new slave tied at the wrists 2 the ceiling. She is wearing shear body stocking, a corset, heels, and an evil smile. Today she is going 2 break in his balls, and she doesn’t care if they break.

Ch1ch1 delivers a few devastating hard kicks to his balls, but over all this clip is about squeezing, slapping n teasing. Her strut around Lance is fucking sexy in between terrible things she does to his manhood.

When he makes too much noise, she takes off her panties n stuffs them in his mouth (exposing her perfect pussy with her crotchless shear bodysuit…)

Ch1ch1 returns 2 Lance, still hanging from the ceiling, and lays down the law on his balls. She is extremely sensual in between real hard kicks n a few knees 2 his balls.

She loves giving him a boner, just to slam his nuts with her high heels.

His balls are hers now.

Keywords: Femdom, Hard Kicks, Hard Knees, Ball Squeezing, Tease And Denial, Bodystocking, High Heels, Bondage, Emasculation Thearts, Ball Slapping

645 mb
17 min

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