Chastity Blue Balls Milking

Chastity Blue Balls Milking

Dommess Tina Kay has removed her slave’s chastity device but she has not yet allowed him to cum. She has bound his blue balls with rubber bands, keeping them tight and putting constant pressure on all that built up cum inside; the slightest touch will feel like torture to these poor balls. Of course that does not stop Tina from pounding n smacking her fingers into his balls as she edges his cock, making the poor slave beg 4 release over n over again, only to be denied. Each time Tina takes her hand off of the poor slave’s cock she drives him into an even deeper desperation 2 cum. Tina tells her slave that, before she will grant him release, he will show how much he wants it by worshipping her ass 1st. Tina enjoys her slave’s efforts, smiling as he desperately degrades himself 4 her amusement. Satisfied with his efforts, Tina returns 2 milking him, and soon her slave explodes bursts of cum out of his cock. Tina makes sure that all of the cum is caught on a plate; after all, the slave needs to eat something 4 dinner. The slave tries to beg his way out of the humiliating task, but Tina will have none of that, grabbing his head n shoving it right down into the cum covered plate as she laughs at him.

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