Choking On My Farts

Choking On My Farts

You will fart right in his nose, and i would love also if u can take often his head n forcing him to sniff n smell it. a domination on that video for at least 2-3min where u fart n force him to smell with a belt that you press his face into your ass hole ;) So more humiliation and more forceful face farting where you really shove the slaves face up to your asshole n make him smell every big stinky fart! Don’t hesitate to use humiliating comments like you do so perfectly “eat it!” or “where you think u`re going, you`re not going anywhere” stay right here under my dirty asshole”, etc etc. last detail, if you can sometimes block his head with your feet for no escaping of his part, it will be perfect!

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7 min

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