Christina and Mia – Rewire Chastity Geek into Humiliation Jerk Junkie (1080 HD)

Christina and Mia - Rewire Chastity Geek into Humiliation Jerk Junkie (1080 HD)

1080 HD: This is a previously unreleased clip with Princesses Christina n Mia. It is also one of the 1st clips we ever shot with danni. In it, Christina and Mia want to teach danni how to play a game called RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT. They allow danni to remove his chastity device. Christina explains that they are allowing him to feel pleasure, but that it is only to rewire his brain. They want to turn the little geek into a humiliation jerk junkie. When Christina or Mia says “green light,” danni is allowed to stroke his little penis. But if either of the Princesses say “red light,” danni needs to stop immediately. Christina n Mia make danni kiss their feet and butts while he edges himself. It’s more appropriate for a geek like danni to associate sexual pleasure with butts and feet than any other part of a girl’s body. Christina and Mia remind danni that he is a loser. From now on he will only be allowed to masturbate to humiliation. It’s not appropriate for danni to think about having sex because he will never have sex. It’s not ok for danni to fantasize about seeing Christina naked, because he will never in his life be allowed to see her naked. It’s only appropriate that a loser learn to masturbate to being humiliated by hot girls because that is the only kind of attention he will ever get from them. Christina and Mia give danni a cum countdown from 10, but stop before they get to one. Christina makes danni get back into chastity right away, completely denying him.

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829 mb
11 min

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