Clean My Bathroom With Your Tongue – Princess Jennifer

Clean My Bathroom With Your Tongue - Princess Jennifer

Panty Boy, once regarded as Princess Jennifer’s top slave has fallen on hard times. Some time ago he was afforded certain privileges most slaves only dream about, wearing the dirty panties of his Mistress on his head full time. But all is not well with Panty Boy, he has gotten cocky, serving with a since of entitlement, and over all lazy attitude. To humble her way word slave Princess Jennifer has him over 2 clean her house. One hour into his work she arrives to inspect the progress of her contemptuous slave. Aggravated with the low quality of his bad house cleaning habits she makes him lick the areas he claims to have cleaned, the sink, trashcan n counter. Can there be anything worse then that, how humiliating! To teach him a lesson he will not soon forget she bitch slaps him silly to put him in his place then makes him lick the bathroom dust n dirt off her hands. Next she moves to the toilet and threatens to flush his head down the filthy bowl if he doesn’t get his act together. Further disappointed by the grimy floor Princess Jennifer makes Panty Boy lick the ground as well as her now soiled shoes that have been cleaned by another slave that very day. Panty Boy is walking on thin ice, he better straightens up if he wants to retain his status of “most favorite” in Princess Jennifer’s ever growing stable of slaves.

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