Cleo Has a Fuck Slave Part 2

Cleo Has a Fuck Slave Part 2

Cleo returns 2 Lance. Now he is strung up from the ceiling naked. She is wearing a sexy bunny costume with black pantyhose n heels. She struts up 2 him n toys with him a little bit, then she slides her big strapon cock up his ass n smiles.

Cleo fucks Lance sweet n hard, making him moan. She loves watching him squirm 4 her. She starts 2 toy with his cock. He thanks her, but she just giggles. She gets him begging 2 cum, then stops n leaves him hanging from the ceiling, fucked hard with blue balls.

Keywords: Strapon, Cosplay, Pegging, Blue Balls, Orgasm Control, Leotard Fetish, Thong Over Pantyhose, Femdom

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11 min

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