Clubstiletto – Best Cuckold Training

Clubstiletto – Best Cuckold Training

Sometimes while dominating Her slaves Jasmine gets super horny. Unfortunately they have little to offer me. Since she is a problem solver she has strapped a nice big strapon onto her chastity slave so she can close her eyes and imagine she is with a real man while riding his pretend cock. Jasmine peels off her panties, sticks them in his mouth n covers his face with a pillow. She rides this ‘slave in training’ and explains to him that he will be serving as a cuckold to her big black boyfriends. Not surprisingly his cage cock is bursting at the seams while She slaps his balls during the ride. Then Jasmine’s TS girlfriend, Staci, comes over to slap and crop him while they make fun of him. With every blow to his nuts he jumps thursting the strapon harder n deeper inside Jasmine until she can’t hold back and sceams out in orgasmic pleasure. This is the best cuckold training and the good life for Mistress, while the slave dreams of someday being allowed an orgasm. Dream on bitch!

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