Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy – My Beautiful Sh1t

Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy – My Beautiful Sh1t

Mistress Kandy has her slave locked in her bondage cage with only his head sticking out. She is there to further address their previous conversations about the slave becoming her full toilet. She asks him “You want to eat my shc1t don’t u?”. The slave sounds a little leery but he does acknowledge that he in fact does want to be her toilet. “And a part of that will be to stimulate my ass she says to the slave. Isn’t that where my beautiful shc1t comes from?”. “Yes.”, the asslicker agrees.

Kandy puts her finger in her bum hole and then pulls it out for the slave to smell. After running her gloved hand under his nose she sticks the finger in his mouth. “Taste it. Are u ready? Good.” Kandy gets up on the cage so when she sits back her ass is right on the slaves face. She tells him she could stay there for days and he’d just have to lick n lick & lick. Until that special gift arrived, of course. The slave gets his tongue out and as Kandy sits down it slides right into her sweet hole. “That tongue needs to get wet and deep in there.”, she smiles. She loves making human toilets, she knows men`re weak and want to take whatever she demands. “Stimulate every muscle down there so I can take that delicious sch1t right down your throat.”

She tells the slave to open wide and then to wrap his lips tight around her anus. The slave is getting his treat. “Swallow.”, she tells him and then eventually tells him to again lick her clean. She pulls back to check and you can see her butthole is glistening clean. She looks at you n says, “Could you do as good a job?” Could you?

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