Clubstiletto – Princess Jemma – Jemma’s Fuck Toy

Clubstiletto - Princess Jemma - Jemmas Fuck Toy

In this hot POV with ultra sexy Princess Jemma, it opens with her talking about how lucky she feels having learned so much from her step-mom Kandy, who has turned her dad into her complete slave, making him do unspeakable things, and shown her how to be a strong independent woman herself, fulling grasping that women rule. She then says she’s doubly lucky because of her neighbor Bellatrix. “She’s taught me that men really need to be put in their place and controlled by women.”, she comments, adding, “They are meant to be our toilets, our seats, our slaves. They’ve taught me so much about being in control” As the camera pulls back you see a flogger, butt plug n dildo on the bed with Jemma. She then gets on all fours and runs her hand across her ass. “At one time if a man was interested in this ass, I would imagine him sticking his cock inside it.” As she reaches for the dildo, she adds, “But now I fuck men in the ass.” She holds the dildo in place between her legs n tells you to look at how big it is and to imagine how good that would feel in your ass. She starts to thrust her hips and talks about how she would ram it in your ass and fill up your holes. “I’d make you my complete bitch.”, she giggles. She says she will pull it out of your ass then turn you around and thrust it into your mouth. “I’ll make you clean up all your ass juices from my big cock.”, she says mockingly, her disgust for you evident in her voice. She says she will slap your face with it and then stick it back in your gaping hole. “Are u stroking your cock right now?”, she asks, then tells you what you should really be doing. Can you guess? Now that your cock is out, she starts to mock you for it’s lack of size, saying it’s smaller than a tube of lip gloss, it’s almost an inny, it’s so small. It’s time for you to accept that you can’t give with that little thing but instead you are the bitch and the one that is going to get fucked. Laying back on the bed, Jemma looks so hot and as she strokes her ‘cock’ she again tells you how you will be taught to lick her balls, to suck her cock, to deep throat it. “Can you suck it as good as daddy, does?”, she asks. “Show me what a good little cocksucker you`re.” Then to torment you even further, she pulls her shorts to the side and revels her silky smooth pussy. She rubs it and says, “If you we are a real man you would get to play with this.” But you aren’t, are you cocksucker?

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