Clubstiletto – Princess Lily – I’m Too Busy To Clean My Ass

Clubstiletto - Princess Lily - I'm Too Busy To Clean My Ass

Gorgeous Princess Lily has you in Her bedroom for one reason. No, you will never be her lover, or likely ever lick her pussy, you`re her ass licker, and also training to be her full time toilet. This HOT POV scene opens with Lily on the bed n curling her finger for you to crawl close. “As my slave, I think I just need to remind you that one of your duties is to clean up after me, and by clean up after me I mean to lick my dirty ass.” She explains that when she goes to the bathroom she is often too busy with her Goddess duties to clean herself properly and your job will be to inspect her ass after n make sure it’s clean… by using your tongue. She then gets up on all fours and shows you her amazing ass and says she has purposely left it dirty for you. “Just so you can get a taste of what youre going to be doing for me.”, she adds. She then pulls her panties to the side and spreads her cheeks, telling you to get in there n sniff it before you lick it. “Go ahead, get a good look at my asshole, breath it in. Aren’t you excited to lick that?” Yes, youre, which slave wouldn’t give up 1 or 2 of his nuts for that honor. She makes sure to tell you that you’ll never get to taste her pussy. “So close, but yet so far.” She encourages you further to get your tongue in deep because there is a nice dirty treat in there. After spreading her cheeks and tormenting you further she tells you that you will be doing more than licking, “You will be eating whatever comes out of my ass.” Lily says her lesbian lover is coming over later and you will be expected to service her too. “While the two of us are on the bed kissing, you will be eating both of our sch1ts. Doesn’t that excite you… you disgusting sch1t eater.” WOW, this one is the ultimate clip for those that dream of being a full toilet to their Goddess.

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