Clubstiletto – Worship My Sweaty Feet and Creamy Thighs

Clubstiletto – Worship My Sweaty Feet and Creamy Thighs

Princess Skylar looks so sexy in her cute baby doll n stiletto’s which are resting on her slaves back who is acting as her stool. She’s been in training and her legs are sooo sore. “They just need a massage n some kisses to make them feel better.”, she tells the slave, asking him if he is capable. The dumb naturally says yes. As there is no one else around she decides to promote him from stool to service slave. She laughs at his mask which has no eye holes then criticizes him 4 just kissing her legs rather than massaging them. Skylar wants to finger fuck herself and tells the slave that is why he is blindfolded, he’s not good enough 2 see her divine Pussy. The slave presses her fleshy thighs n kisses and while he does Skylar works her pussy vigorously, the pleasure evident on her face. She has the slave remove her stiletto’s and makes him worship her feet while she continues to pleasure herself. She dangles her panties in front of the slave and then puts them on his head so the fabric that was over her pussy is now over his nose. Lucky dawg, sniffing her smelly panties while sucking, licking n rubbing her feet. Skylar is a bit ticklish n giggles while the slave sucks her toes, but soon gets lost in her sexual pleasure. Soon she starts to orgasm, the pleasure all over her face, but then graciously takes her fingers and places them in the slaves mouth. She laughs and says that’s as close as he’s ever going to get to her pussy.

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