Cocksucker for Mistress Roberta [House Of Sinn]

House of Sinn – Cocksucker for Mistress Roberta [House Of Sinn]

Mistress Roberta is not pleased with her slave, he moves too much. So she will humiliate him by making him suck her pink cock. He is handcuffed 2 the cage, with no possibility to escape, and his eyes are covered by a blindfold, so he can’t see what is happening. When Mistress Roberta approaches him, he tries to kiss her leg, but then she gives him her cock to kiss. She slaps him on the mouth with her cock, and then shoves it deep into his mouth, gagging him. And he seems to like it, to feel the cock on his tongue, his lips, in his mouth. Even being face-fucked. But he can’t take it deep enough into his throat, which displeases Mistress Roberta and earns him a series of slaps on the face. Still, Mistress Roberta likes how he looks with a cock in his mouth. So before leaving, she takes the cock out of the harness n shoves it in his mouth, telling him he has to suck it all night long.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Mistress, Dildo, Strap-On, Roberta, Humiliation, Blindfolds, Strapon, CFNM, Oral Servitude, House Of Sinn

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